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Capitalist Exploits Review: The Best Investing Newsletter

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In the world of investing, finding the right information and guidance is crucial to achieving significant profits. With so many newsletters and services available, it can be challenging to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams. One such service that has gained attention is Capitalist Exploits, led by Chris MacIntosh, a renowned expert in stock trading and investment management. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the offerings of Capitalist Exploits and evaluate its legitimacy.

About Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits is a subscription-based service that provides investment guidance to individuals seeking to maximize their profits. Led by Chris MacIntosh and a team of financial analysts, fund managers, and experienced investors, Capitalist Exploits aims to transform lives through valuable investment ideas and recommendations. The team diligently scours international markets for asymmetric trading opportunities with potential returns of up to 600%.

Accessing Capitalist Exploits Investment Tips

To access Capitalist Exploits’ investment insights, individuals must sign up for a free account on their website. By doing so, subscribers receive regular emails containing news, trade information, and general market updates. For more personalized guidance and recommendations, individuals can opt for the premium membership, which offers practical advice to take investments to new heights.

Capitalist Exploits Products & Services

Capitalist Exploits offers three main approaches to present their findings, analytics, and ideas:

1. CAPEX Insider (The Insider Weekly)

The flagship service of Capitalist Exploits, The Insider Weekly, provides subscribers with weekly trading notifications, exclusive investment opportunities, and advice on profiting from private placement deals and prospects. Priced at $1,999 per year, members also gain unrestricted access to a members-only forum, facilitating discussion and idea exchange with fellow investors.

2. Resource Insider

Resource Insider, a recently launched service, focuses specifically on investment opportunities in the resource sector. Managed by Jamie Keech, co-founder of, this service provides insider access to resource-based investment opportunities. Priced at $3,499 per year, Resource Insider offers unique insights and recommendations tailored to individuals interested in the resource industry.

3. Insider Pro

Insider Pro is an all-encompassing package that combines the benefits of both The Insider Weekly and Resource Insider. With Insider Pro, subscribers gain access to a comprehensive range of investment opportunities, spanning various sectors and industries. Priced at $4,999 per year, this package offers the most comprehensive guidance and recommendations from the team at Capitalist Exploits.

The Expertise and Track Record of Capitalist Exploits

What sets Capitalist Exploits apart is the expertise and track record of its team. Led by Chris MacIntosh, an experienced investor and trading expert, the team is composed of former hedge fund managers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their recommendations. What further instills confidence in the service is that the team members personally invest their own capital into every trade they suggest. This level of commitment and confidence demonstrates their belief in the recommendations they provide.

The Community and Unique Approach of Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits has cultivated a community of like-minded contrarian investors who are not afraid to take calculated risks and go against the crowd. Unlike cookie-cutter investment newsletters, Capitalist Exploits encourages thinking outside the box and uncovering hidden gems in the investment world. The community fosters discussion and idea sharing, allowing members to tap into the collective knowledge and experiences of other investors.

Transparency and Money-Back Guarantee

Transparency is crucial in the investment industry, and Capitalist Exploits prides itself on providing a high level of transparency to its subscribers. Additionally, the service offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, allowing individuals to try the service risk-free. This demonstrates the confidence Capitalist Exploits has in its recommendations and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Potential Risks and Considerations

While Capitalist Exploits offers valuable investment guidance, it is essential for individuals to recognize the inherent risks associated with investing. The recommendations provided by Capitalist Exploits are not foolproof, and losses are possible. It is crucial for investors to conduct their own due diligence and make informed decisions based on their own risk tolerance and investment goals.


9.2Expert Score
Must Have

Capitalist Exploits stands out as one of the best investing newsletters in the industry, thanks to its experienced team, track record, and unique approach to investment opportunities. The service provides valuable insights and recommendations that have the potential to generate significant profits. However, it is important for investors to exercise caution, conduct their own research, and understand the associated risks before making any investment decisions. With transparency, a strong community, and a money-back guarantee, Capitalist Exploits offers a compelling option for individuals seeking expert investment guidance.

Capitalist Exploits Review: The Best Investing Newsletter
Capitalist Exploits Review: The Best Investing Newsletter

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