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How it works

How We Investigate Online Oppertunities

We rely on user submitted tips & information to start an investigation.
Federal Support has reviewed over 5000 opportunities.
Unlike other platforms we are 100% reader supported, we do not run any ads on our platform.
Receive Anonymous Tip
We receive 300-400 tips from scam victims every week. These are forwarded automatically to the volunteer investigators.
Investigate The Opportunity/Company
Our volunteer investigators extensively research the opportunities/companies reported to us. We have a very meticulous investigation method.
Compile The Information In A Report
Once the investigation is done, all the information is compiled into an easy-to-read SEO friendly report.
Publish The Findings
We publish the report to our website, and all the social media handles which reaches thousands of people.
Reach Out To Journalists & Other Platforms
Each month we send 5-8 reports to investigative journalists. Then they are used by news outlets in their editorials with international reach.
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