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A fun, novel method to move money, exchange assets, and make purchases is with cryptocurrency. But bitcoin scams have a darker side to this movement as well. Hacking and cryptocurrency schemes have increased to all-time highs. There are many dishonest persons who are abusing the blockchain for their personal gain, whether it is through unregulated cryptocurrency brokers, malware-filled bitcoin wallets, or phony bitcoin mining.

People may lose hope in ever recovering their money or apprehending the thieves when they discover they have lost it to an anonymous bitcoin wallet. People might inquire, “Is bitcoin traceable?” or “Is bitcoin anonymous?” They might think that it is impossible for investigators to find bitcoin wallets and accounts if names aren’t associated with them.

To those inquiries, the response is that bitcoin is semi-anonymous rather than totally anonymous. This implies that, despite the fact that bitcoin transactions are associated with anonymous addresses, it is still feasible to identify the individuals involved through the use of crypto trace investigative methods. In other words, if you have the appropriate experts on your side, you can trace bitcoin.

Experts at the Broker Complaint Registry have a great deal of experience looking into cryptocurrency scams. We offer our clients advice as well as tactics and resources, like intelligence reports, that can help them successfully retrieve funds from the blockchain. Speak with us right now to begin finding your money.

The Challenges of Tracking Down Bitcoin Transactions

Fund recovery via credit cards, financial platforms, or even bank wire transfers can have proven successful for you in the past. You can easily report any fraudulent purchases on your credit card to the bank that issued it, and they will typically be able to initiate a credit card chargeback and reverse the charges.

You can handle Paypal chargebacks in the same way. Recalls for bank wire transfers are more difficult, but at least you know the recipient’s name and other details. However, because bitcoin wallets and accounts lack identities, recovering funds from bitcoin transactions can be significantly more complex than traditional methods of fund recovery. The codes are all numerical.

How to Track a Bitcoin Address

Nevertheless, with the correct tools and crypto tracing services, it is still possible to identify the owner of the anonymous bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin transactions are more transparent than other kinds since every transaction is documented on the blockchain and the data is accessible to the general public. Consider a scenario where your bank transactions were redacted to hide names, but the sums and numbers remained accessible. That illustrates how transparent the blockchain is.

This implies that the identity of the holder of a pseudo-anonymous bitcoin wallet can be discovered and, if required, action can be taken to stop fraud. To trace back your bitcoin transactions, you need to speak with experts in fund recovery as there are numerous stages involved between obtaining the transaction and wallet number and identifying the owners of the assets.

What Are Crypto Trace Services?

To locate the owners of bitcoin wallets and their whereabouts, crypto trace services collect and examine information that is readily available via databases, apps, and software as well as information supplied by the client.

The strategy combines data-driven, forensic, and technological solutions to help victims of cryptocurrency schemes find their money on the blockchain and provide a comprehensive investigative report to authorities and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our range of crypto tracing services includes the following:

Customer Consultation

When a client initially gets in touch with us, they can be anxious about finding their money on the blockchain and feel overwhelmed by having lost it to what might be a cryptocurrency scheme. People who are not aware of the crypto trace service might have given them some useless advise. Some have been told there is nothing more they can do by authorities or cryptocurrency exchanges, and they have left empty-handed.

Our staff will respond to inquiries from clients and outline the crypto trace procedure. We will provide an honest assessment of the likelihood of a full recovery and offer recommendations for how to effectively present your case to regulators or the appropriate authorities.

Information Gathering

Crypto investigators will ask for particular papers and information from their customers in order to get a complete picture of the incident, along with some potential hints regarding the identity of the perpetrator. It may be necessary to request screenshots, paperwork, and other supporting materials from clients in order to aid investigators in their work.

Crypto Coin Trace Technological Analysis

Our detectives will be able to isolate the transaction and the anonymous bitcoin wallet with the use of cointracking technology and a bitcoin block explorer. But all that’s provided here is a code; there’s no actual identification or place.

In order to discover that, we must delve further and employ cutting-edge cryptocurrency coin tracing software, which will offer a thorough map of every transaction, including accounts used as middlemen or mules. These middleman accounts are typically essential to the successful money laundering operations of fraudsters. While they might be trying to hide their tracks, our detectives could be able to uncover the fraud thanks to this.

Our software is frequently able to identify specific patterns that scammers employ, such as continually using the same “mules” to deliver money. Additionally, we can learn enough about the kingpin and these intermediate accounts to frequently identify them by name and location. Using data from our databases compiled from thousands of cases, we conduct a thorough crypto forensics examination. We can usually reduce the number of candidates to one or two with the use of these tools.

Investigation Reports

We produce an investigative report outlining our findings following the crypto trace inquiry. These reports contain sufficient evidence for a criminal investigation or disciplinary action against the fraudster and can be given to regulators, law enforcement, or cryptocurrency exchanges.

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