Crypto Investigative Services

It can be difficult to lose money through a blockchain bitcoin transaction. Because there aren’t existing laws protecting customers on the blockchain, fund recovery can be difficult. Additionally, blockchain transactions, wallets, and cryptocurrency accounts are all anonymous and lack physical addresses.

The initial step in the process is identifying the scheme participants, which can only be accomplished by using professional crypto investigation services. A common query is “Is bitcoin anonymous?” The response is that pseudo-anonymousness is used. It is not associated with a person or address, unlike a bank account, but it does have codes that can be located using forensic techniques and technology.

Experts at the Federal Support have a great deal of experience looking into cryptocurrency scams. We offer our clients advice as well as tactics and resources, like intelligence reports, that can help them successfully retrieve funds from the blockchain. Speak with us right now to begin finding your money.

Why You Need Crypto Investigative Services?

After speaking with the police or sending messages to cryptocurrency exchanges, many of our clients get discouraged and get in touch with us. It’s possible that they were informed there isn’t much they can do with the information provided to address their missing bitcoin transactions.

A cryptocurrency exchange may assert that they are solely liable in situations where the platform has been compromised and that they have no control over interactions between specific users.

Even though it’s discouraging, you shouldn’t give up. It’s not that cryptocurrency platforms and law enforcement are unaffected by crypto scams. Law enforcement is responsible for looking into claims of theft, fraud, and other financial crimes.

Presumably, crypto exchanges also have a stake in continuing to be known for offering a secure environment and services to all of their users. Nevertheless, it is difficult to act in the absence of concrete proof. The best defense against cryptocurrency schemes is to have a third party look into the situation and compile a report.

What Sort of Crypto-Research Services Do We Offer?

We offer all kinds of crypto-investigation services, such as:

  • Consultation with customers
  • Case study
  • Technical evaluation
  • Forensic analysis of cryptocurrency intelligence report

The first and most important step in the crypto research process is strategy mapping. This involves consulting with clients. A successful investigation depends on effective communication, and we are skilled at doing this by listening to our clients, developing a plan of action, updating them on developments, and posing pertinent questions.

We evaluate the case, project the likelihood of a favorable result, and choose the best course of action for the investigation based on the data we have gathered.

In order to find the bitcoin wallet that received the payments and to display the actual transaction, we employ web tools like cointracking technology and a bitcoin explorer. We then use specialist tools, typically accessible only to elite agencies, from that beginning point.

This program allows us to access a comprehensive transaction history as well as details regarding middlemen—also referred to as “mules”—who are involved in blockchain money laundering.

When these patterns show up, we look for potential offenders using crypto forensic techniques. Our database, which is assembled from thousands of prior investigations, can be a useful tool for making inferences and determining the whereabouts and identities of suspects.

We create investigative reports that compile our findings after the inquiry is complete. Customers can give these reports to law authorities and cryptocurrency exchanges to urge them to investigate suspected cryptocurrency scammers, impose sanctions, and reclaim money on behalf of their customers.

How Our Crypto Investigative Services Can Make the Difference?

When we closely examine the crypto investigation process, we can see that in order to identify suspects and motivate authorities to become involved, it takes experience, specific technology, tried-and-true techniques, and familiarity with these situations.

Even with the most complete complaint and a highly determined individual, working with Federal Support staff will yield a thorough outcome more swiftly. When it comes to cointracking, time is of the importance because money laundering on the blockchain may happen rapidly.

Our years of experience with fund recovery and cyber fraud set Federal Support apart from other platforms. Discuss your issue with our experts, and we will create a successful strategy for monitoring your money.

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