Bank Wire Intelligence Report

Is there anything you can do if you sent money to a broker or merchant via a bank wire transfer and then found out they might be dishonest? Yes, is the response. The process isn’t easy, though, as you must have facts and proof to support your claims.

We Provide the Evidence to Back Up Your Claim

Filing a claim and asking for a bank wire recall is the first step. You need proof in order to successfully argue your position. Bank wire transfers are not quickly forgotten by banks. They can be concerned that clients are complaining unnecessarily or that they are experiencing buyer’s regret.

Information from the Broker Complaint Registry guarantees that banks will give your complaint due consideration. We delve deeply and employ cutting-edge research techniques to reveal the individuals underlying these transactions.

But hold on, from the bank wire transfer, don’t you already have the name, address, and other details? Their actual data is never used by fraudulent parties. They consistently use false addresses, false identities, and other dishonest tactics to evade detection.

Federal Support is skilled at locating these imposters and exposing their fraudulent identities. We produce Bank Wire Intelligence Reports that provide the necessary details for authorities to look into your complaints. With our reports that support your claims, you can be confident that they are given first consideration.

What Is Included in a Bank Wire Intelligence Report:

  • Regulator Warnings
  • Wire Instructions and Wire Confirmation
  • Corporate Structure
  • Confirmation that Beneficiaries and Merchants Are Not Regulated
  • Persons of Interest
  • Company Registration Extracts
  • Overview/Summary
The first part of the intelligence report contains a distillation of the overall investigation–the Summary describes the case and the findings. Regulator Warnings show that the entity has a history of complaints and problems that justify suspicions. We include Wire Confirmation to demonstrate that the transaction was completed and the other party received the money.

We outline the Corporate Structure of the suspicious party, including all available information and additional details we discovered. The next sections contain proof that the entity is not regulated and describes Persons of Interest behind the frauds. Finally, we add Company Registration Extracts with public details about the company.

Why Our Bank Wire Intelligence Report Will Help You

Evidence is required before banks and law enforcement can look into customer concerns. This need is more than met by our bank wire intelligence reports, which also provide authorities with a plethora of information about the fraudulent company.

Our investigation report will assist authorities in initiating an official investigation and locating your assets, and it will help you view the outcomes of your claim.

Do You Need Assistance Locating Your Funds? Talk to Federal Support

We are the specialists you require to assist you in finding your money. Since fraudulent organizations are never transparent, our team will begin a comprehensive investigation. To improve your chances of having your claim accepted, we can identify frauds and produce Bank Wire Intelligence Reports using our skills and resources.

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